Stacey Abrams is Linked to a Far-Left Extremist Group

Stacey Abrams is a Democrat from Georgia who is currently running to be the state’s next governor…again. Abrams previously ran for the seat back in 2018; however, she was promptly beaten by Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

Now, Kemp and Abrams are up for a rematch. However, as Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign continues, there are growing and unflattering details that are coming out about her.

For one thing, just last month, Abrams slammed Georgia as the worst state to live in. The Democrat also said she was sick of hearing that her state was the best in the nation to do business. Many people found it odd for a gubernatorial candidate to trash the state they’re trying to get elected in.

Abrams is now under a microscope for her connection to a far-left, radical organization.

What to Know About Abrams’ Connection to the Marguerite Casey Foundation
As it turns out, Abrams happens to be a board member of the Marguerite Casey Foundation. She’s also managed to pull in hefty revenue from her membership.

To many Americans, what this organization stands for is disturbing, to say the least. The Marguerite Casey Foundation opposes people owning private land and doesn’t believe prisons should exist.

Likewise, the foundation remains on record for wanting to dismantle law enforcement and push critical race theory onto society at large. To top it all off, the Marguerite Casey Foundation donates to political candidates that align with these views.

In a statement to Fox News, Abrams’ employees claimed her opinions don’t all fall in line with the Marguerite Casey Foundation. However, employees for the Georgia Democrat also declined to mention where, specifically, Abrams’ views differ.

With her being a board member and earning subsequent income from her membership, many Americans view this as a full-fledged endorsement of what the Marguerite Casey Foundation stands for.

On-Brand With the Progressive Movement
The views of the Marguerite Casey Foundation are very much on-brand with where progressive Democrats stand today.

Multiple progressives are supportive of doing away with police and embracing other policies that would “restructure” the United States.

Democrats with these leanings claim that America needs to be completely restructured in order to dismantle systems that are viewed as oppressive.

There’s an argument here that if Stacey Abrams really didn’t agree with what the Marguerite Casey Foundation stands for, she wouldn’t be on its board or collecting income from the organization.

Republicans in Georgia are now citing her membership as a reason why she shouldn’t be elected as their governor.