Special Counsel Dismisses Hunter Biden’s Lawyers’ Laptop Claims As ‘Conspiracy Theory’

David Weiss the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden said Wednesday that the president’s son’s attorneys are advancing a “conspiracy theory” by questioning the authenticity of his laptop. In a filing Weiss confirmed prosecutors plan to introduce the laptop which former intelligence officials suggested had the characteristics of a “Russian information operation” after the New York Post first reported on its contents as evidence at trial stating it “contains significant evidence of the defendant’s guilt.”

Weiss asserted that Hunter Biden’s claims about the laptop’s authenticity are “a conspiracy theory with no supporting evidence.” The president’s son’s legal team argued in a Monday filing that they should be allowed to object on the grounds that the evidence “may have been tampered with by someone other than Mr. Biden” citing “various media outlets” who received copies of the data and hired forensic experts to assess its authenticity “concluded it is not.”

“The defendant has had the laptop data in its raw original form since September 2023 but has provided the government with no evidence of its manipulation or alteration” Weiss’ team wrote. They added that Biden “has not provided any evidence or information that shows that his laptop contains false information and the government’s evidence shows the opposite.”

Biden was indicted on three felony gun charges in September 2023 with his trial set to start June 3 in Wilmington Delaware. Weiss said the objection is “without foundation” regarding Hunter Biden’s attorneys citing the claim that “a Russian businessman told a third-party that Biden’s devices were compromised” in 2014.