South American ‘Transitional Gangs’ Are Committing Burglaries In Michigan

Law Enforcement is reporting that “transitional gangs” from South America are committing burglaries on upscale homes in Michigan.

Who would have thought that allowing over 5 million illegal immigrants to walk freely through our southern border would lead to crime?

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard recently stressed the need for residents to secure their homes amid a surge in burglaries targeting lavish houses. The sheriff said the illegal immigrants are committing home burglaries to steal valuable goods.

Bouchard said the migrants have stolen jewelry, expensive watches, precious metals, high-end purses, electronics, money and safes. These robberies are expected to have exceeded $1 million, according to the sheriff.

“They typically hit homes from 5 to 9 p.m., they seem to want houses where nobody’s home, and they usually come in through windows in the back,” Bouchard explained.
“They do a lot of surveillance, we believe, before they commit a crime,” he added. “Usually, it’s two or three people working together, with one of them stationed outside as a driver.

They’re focused on the target, not on the community. They don’t recognize jurisdictions or borders of a country, a state or a county.”

“These are transnational gangs that are involved in this that come from South America, looking to do burglaries and violate our communities, not just in Oakland County but across America,” Bouchard recently said, as reported by the Blaze. “It’s criminality at its organized crime best in terms of that’s how it functions. They work together, and they’re here for a specific purpose.”

Bouchard also pointed out that the burglars are illegal immigrants from South America. The sheriff added that the suspects are from Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela.

Bouchard also pointed the finger at the Biden administration for its disastrous record on illegal immigration and failure to secure the southern border.

“American’s are getting crushed,” Bouchard declared. “With fentanyl, human trafficking, terrorist activity that is a ticking time bomb in my opinion. And obviously, transnational gangs that are now attacking communities in Oakland County.”

These “transitional gangs,” according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), are responsible for human trafficking and firearm trafficking, as well as committing acts of violence against Americans.