Some Points For Democrats To Think About

According to the reports, there are some points that democrats should follow. The following describes 10 points derived from accessible data about the Hispanic population’s viewpoints and voting habits. In a recent Wall Street Journal survey, Hispanic voters in the 2022 generic Congressional election were equally split between Democrats and Republicans. According to a new 538 study of aggregated poll data, Biden has lost support among all racial groups in the previous nine months, but Hispanics have seen the biggest drop.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s popularity rating among Texas Hispanics is dismal, at 35% vs. 54% disapproval 19 points below the national average. Democrat Terry McAuliffe lost the Latino vote in the tightly fought 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election and black and other race (primarily Asian) votes. In 2020, Latinos shifted 16 percentage points in favor of Trump.

According to a study by Matthew Thomas of the New York Times, Donald Trump won the Hispanic vote by 18 points in New York City and by 25 points in precincts with at least 75 percent Hispanic population. The change was much more evident in precincts with many Hispanic voters, such as Brooklyn and Queens.

Furthermore, according to the reports, the left adored him when he predicted that Hispanics would lead to a Democratic majority, but they now despise him for it. Democrats are fascinated with maps, but the problem isn’t demographic data. It’s the message.