“Sleepy” Joe Biden Can Be Seen “Confused” During His PA Remarks

Joe Biden utilized the collapse of a bridge in Pittsburgh to emphasize infrastructure. Still, there are doubts that money allotted by Democrats would go to things that require infrastructure assistance. He exploited the collapse of the Forbes Avenue bridge, which killed ten people just hours before he arrived, as a talking point.

Because of “scheduling issues,” people like Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman declined to meet with him. Beto O’Rourke, running for Governor of Texas, stated flatly that he does not require Biden’s assistance. That’s something we see a lot of, as Democrats dodge questions about Biden or avoid being around him.

According to the reports, Joe Biden is visiting Pennsylvania this week to assist with re-election campaigns, but he may be unable to recall the names of some of the people he meets or the jobs they hold. Biden misspoke on Rep. Conor Lamb when he referred to him as a senator rather than a congressman.

Moreover, President Joe Biden couldn’t recall Mitch Landrieu’s name, so he referred to him as “Mayor of Louisiana” before mistaking him with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader. Biden also continues to do that strange whispering thing, which is alarming. Someone must have told him that voice-modulation is sometimes used for emphasis, but they should have explained why.

He quipped that he “could have made All-America” if he had played beside him. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just declared that mail-in voting is illegal. Inflation occurs as a result of rising expenses and the cost of cars. That’s akin to claiming that high prices result in increased costs. It makes me reconsider the assumption that uncontrollable rage is a common symptom of dementia. Finally, Biden forgets about his “patriotic duty” of masking himself, something he regularly advises other Americans to do, and walks about shaking hands with everyone exposed.