Slain Ashli Babbit’s Family Blasts the Left’s Narrative of Her

Ashli Babbitt’s husband, Aaron, revealed he wouldn’t be watching the highly exaggerated coverage of the January 6 Select Committee hearing.

Aaron told Newsmax that any time the topic of January 6. hits the news waves, the sensationalized narrative is too much to stomach.

“Every time something big Jan 6 pops up, I can count on two things: Complete BS from the left and then Ashli trends on Twitter,” he told Newsmax host Greg Kelly right before the hearing began on TV.

Ashli Babbitt was shot by a Capitol Police Lt. even though she posed no known danger to anyone. Officer Michael Byrd shot and killed Babbitt

Aaron relayed how Ashli “yelled, ‘Stop! Don’t! Wait!” before she was killed. People have brought up the supposed hypocrisy about the death of George Floyd versus that of Babbit. Many claimed that if Babbit were a liberal, her controversial death would have received a lot of pushback and a media sob story.

The violent George Floyd riots caused 66 times more than all the damages done to the Capitol on January 6. In addition, these riots cost a whopping $2 billion in damages to cities across the United States.

Instead, the establishment media has attacked Ashli and basically hailed her death as warranted due to her being a Trump supporter. Aaron said his wife was at the Capitol for a peaceful protest and had no intentions of committing violence of any kind. He also said she was taking a video of the Capitol building and was shot dead even though she was unarmed and posed no immediate safety risk to the officer.

Aaron has been a strong advocate for his wife’s character since she was shot over 18 months ago.

“She was [an] all-around American girl,” Aaron Babbitt said. “She loved serving her country. She loved moving back to California. She loved sports. She was my best friend, you know, and every day that goes by, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her.”

Theories about January 6 continue to grow as videos seem to show police ushering in protestors to the Capitol. Pictures and videos of Antifa members also have allegedly been seen inside the Capitol that fateful day.

Thanks to the mainstream media’s constant lies and deception, it is unclear if the whole truth about the Capitol protest and Ashli’s death will ever be revealed.