Sinema’s Calmness After Far-Left Protesters Harassed Her In The Bathroom

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s actions were commended by the panel on “The Five” on Monday after she was followed into the restroom by protestors and recorded without her knowledge. LUCHA, a left-wing immigration activism organization, followed the Arizona Democrat into an Arizona State University toilet. President Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending plan has failed to receive her endorsement.

A conservative talk show host labeled Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s mobile phone use in the restroom an unacceptable invasion of privacy. Dana Perino, anchor of “The Five,” said she already dislikes it when people use their cellphones in the toilet, even if it’s for personal reasons.

“Not just ladies, but guys follow her into the restroom,” claims a lady who works at a fast-food restaurant in San Francisco. If she had witnessed what happened to her when she was a teenager, she adds, “I probably would have lost it.”

Kyrsten Sinema should use her experience as motivation to not “bend to the noisy mob” in her opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, according to co-host Kennedy. Senators Kennedy and Joe Manchin said their people couldn’t afford $3.5 trillion and should focus on the bottom line. He described it as an “attack on you.” Moreover, he said that If you’re going to the restroom and someone is recording you, that should be considered illegal.

It is illegal to knowingly photograph or record another person in a lavatory, bathroom, locker room, bedroom, or other areas where the individual reasonably expects privacy. According to Arizona Law 13-3019 SS. 1, it is illegal for anybody to intentionally photograph or tape another person while urinating, defecating, changing, dressing, undressing, naked, or engaged in physical intercourse without that person’s consent.

According to Gutfeld, It can happen to anyone who isn’t a leftist, including Democrats. Yes, in a perfect world, we could all have Joe’s secret service and swim about naked in front of them. Gutfeld blasted Biden’s answer, stating that while the incident was improper, it “happens to everyone.”