“SHAME”: Biden Likely To Leave Thousands Of Americans Behind In Afghanistan

According to President Joe Biden, United States soldiers would withdraw from Afghanistan by the Taliban-imposed deadline of August 31. However, given the rate of evacuations and various doubts about the authenticity of the statistics we’re receiving, it appears doubtful that all American residents would be able to evacuate in time for the hurricane.

The Daily Caller, a senior administration official, indicated that it was doubtful that the estimated 8,000 Americans still fighting in Afghanistan would return home by the December 31 deadline. According to another report, the sum provided by the source is proportional to recent predictions made by Republican Texas Representative Kevin Brady. He stated that Approximately 4,000 Americans had been removed from Afghanistan.

Moreover, one of the individuals explained that it has long been an unspoken rule among officials to avoid disclosing a more precise figure, in part because it is embarrassingly low. When it comes to providing reports on the number of Americans who have been evacuated, the Biden administration has been unwilling to do so. Despite this, according to a leaked State Department cable from earlier this week, Americans account for fewer than 17% of those evacuated.

Around 350 Americans were airlifted out of Afghanistan on August 23. If 350 Americans were successfully evacuated each day, more than 5,000 would remain stuck in Afghanistan by August 31. It is likely to be considerably higher, though, as evacuations are expected to halt due to the military’s decision to begin reducing its presence in Afghanistan. Subsequently, a major concern arises: How can President Joe Biden and his administration wake up and look in the mirror if they abandon thousands of American troops in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan? Therefore, if the Biden administration leaves that many Americans, they would create a massive hostage scenario.