Senator Ted Cruz Wants To Stop National Security Nominees, Biden Ceases ‘Surrendering’ To China

Sen. Ted Cruz wants to stop several of Joe Biden’s candidates for national security positions from being confirmed. The action has been dubbed “unprecedented obstruction” by the White House. Cruz said that he is attempting to persuade President Joe Biden to refrain from “surrendering” to their adversaries, notably China.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sponsored legislation prohibiting the sale of green energy goods developed in communist China using slave labor. Except for Joe Manchin, every Democrat voted against it, and President Joe Biden stated he “surrendered” to Putin on Nord Stream 2. In an interview, Cruz noted that the pipeline will “undermine European security, American security, and benefit Russia.”

Moreover, Cruz stated that he supports the idea of a “diplomatic boycott” of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China. Cruz added that calling for a complete boycott of the Games would be a “mistake,” and American competitors should “kick their communists.”

“We must demonstrate the Women’s Tennis Association’s fortitude in calling out the murder, genocide, torture, falsehoods, and collaboration in COVID-19 of the Chinese communist regime to tell the truth,” said Venus Williams. When it comes to China’s human rights violations, Cruz believes firms should demonstrate “a smidgeon of bravery.” Cruz is a die-hard basketball enthusiast who has criticized the NBA’s response to China.

It is understandable why the NBA took this action. It can be seen why Nike does this. But you know what’s great about the Women’s Tennis Association? They’ve stated that if Peng Shuai isn’t released and there isn’t transparency, they’ll cancel their matches in China.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas believes that violent protestors should be arrested and imprisoned. Voter fraud allegations, he claims, raise serious concerns about the election’s legitimacy. Cruz claims that an election commission will “increase trust in democracy.” Instead, he claimed, Democrats and the media used “incendiary hyperbole” rather than admitting there was an issue with voting fraud.