Sen. Ted Cruz Slams Runaway Texas Legislators

The Democratic members of the Texas legislature who are getting the national attention they seem to crave by fleeing Austin for the friendly hospitality of the national Democrats in D.C. are starting to be called out by Republicans. The runaways are denying the Texas legislature a quorum to delay enacting the state’s proposed election security law revisions.

While the only apparent points of genuine disagreement have to do with 24-hour voting and drive-through voting, the Texas Democrats insist that they will remain absent from the state until the end of the legislative term. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has pledged to have them arrested and brought to the capitol building in Austin when they return to Texas.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke on July 13 to point out the hypocrisy of the runaways, some of whom have admitted that they are just “buying time” and engaging in a delay-tactic media opportunity. Cruz observed that the fleeing officials would undoubtedly have had to show a government-issued ID in the process of boarding a plane and leaving the state. While these people engage in one of the many everyday activities that require proof of identity, they remain obstinate in protesting the need to show ID to vote.

Cruz also spoke on the legality of Gov. Abbott’s intent to arrest absent lawmakers. He stated that he had reasons in the past to research the issue and felt that the governor had the legal power to use arrest to compel attendance by members intentionally obstructing the business of the legislature.

Sen. Cruz also had some words for Vice President Kamala Harris. Like many D.C. Democrats, Harris has been heaping praise on the Texas Democrats, comparing them to civil rights leaders from the past and the Selma marchers.

Cruz appeared on Fox News on July 14 and stated, ‘It’s actually pretty ridiculous. Last I checked, the heroic civil rights protesters on the Edmund Pettus Bridge were not in a private chartered jet, they didn’t have a case of Miller Lite next to them.”

He added, “Look, these are partisan Democrats playing a political stunt, and they’re desperate for media attention. They’re getting it. The Biden administration wants to play politics, and so they’re doing that. But this is going to fail. They’re going to eventually have to come home.”

“And when they come home, the governor has rightly said he will continue to call special sessions until Texas passes voter integrity law to protect the integrity of elections,” Cruz concluded.