Sen. Ted Cruz Challenges AOC To Visit The Border And ‘Cry In Front Of The Biden Cages’ Detaining Children

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was challenged by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to examine the humanitarian situation at the US-Mexico border. Cruz urged AOC to visit detention camps to observe firsthand the circumstances in which migrants are held. Cruz said, “Let’s watch AOC cry in front of the Biden cages.”

The photographs revealed in June 2019 by photojournalist Ivan Pierre Aguirre were hailed by Democrats and ridiculed by Republicans. AOC said that she’d never forgotten this. She also concluded that because it was the first time she saw with her own eyes how the America she loves was turning into a country that kidnaps refugee children from their parents.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) claimed that the present border problem might be averted by reverting to Trump’s previous policy. Cruz slammed President Joe Biden for threatening to make Border Patrol personnel “pay” for fabricating reports that they were using “whips” against Haitian migrants in Texas. It was a “low point, even for this White House,” he said.

Border Patrol personnel put their lives on the line to arrest drug and human traffickers, only to have their political superiors release them through Biden’s open borders. “Now, not only is their job being sabotaged but Biden is threatening political retaliation,” he continued.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas says he’s “amazed” that every Border Patrol agent in the country doesn’t leave and refuses to return to work. Last week, reports arose that Border Patrol personnel were enraged when President Biden chastised them for performing their job. Cruz added that it is a heinous injustice. It’s erroneous and harmful.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has challenged every Democrat to go to Brooks County in South Texas, where he alleges traffickers have placed the corpses of illegal immigrants. Why is Joe Biden so adamant about not visiting the Rio Grande Valley? Because if he leaves, the television cameras will follow him, Cruz explained.

He visited the United States’ southern border earlier this month when approximately 10,000 illegal immigrants were present in Del Rio, Texas. The migrant influx at the border, according to Cruz, is “the most terrible thing he has ever witnessed.” He said that “Biden’s representatives” tried to prevent him from photographing and filming the overcrowded migrant facility.