Sen. Lindsey Graham Says US Will Have To ‘Reinvade’ Afghanistan

On Monday, Sen. Lindsey Graham stunned a BBC reporter when he stated that the United States would be most likely re-invade Afghanistan to continue the War on Terrorism. Graham predicted in an interview with BBC reporter Stephen Sackur that the new Taliban government in Afghanistan might very well serve as a haven for radical Islamic terrorists who despise the United States and might even develop plots to target the United States, just the same as they did before September 11, 2001. Despite assurances from President Joe Biden that an “over the horizon” counterterrorism strategic approach using targeted drone strikes would be practical, he expressed skepticism about the process.

Graham asserted that the Taliban’s goal is to create a haven for Al-Qaeda, which wants to push America out of the Middle East as a whole and target the US because of its way of life. He went on to say that the Americans would be returning to Afghanistan in the same way that they had returned to Syria and Iraq.

However, a skeptical Sackur questioned whether he genuinely believed that the United States would send troops back to Afghanistan in the immediate future. In response to this, Graham stated that they would be required to do so due to the magnitude of the threat. It will be a breeding environment for extreme Islamic behavior. He went on to say that Biden must decide between allowing terrorists to regroup under cover of the Taliban or hitting them before they attack America. On the other hand, People flocked to Twitter in response to Graham’s comments. Americans increasingly believe that these leaders are obtuse fools who like waging endless wars.