Sen. John Cornyn Ruthlessly Booed over Gun Control Deal With Democrats

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) heard first-hand on Friday that his constituents at home are not pleased with the deals he has been working on with his D.C. constituents to hand over their Second Amendment rights. During his appearance at the annual Texas Republican Party’s convention, he was heartily booed and mocked during his entire speech.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has tasked Cornyn with leading bipartisan negotiations with Senate Democrats to achieve a gun control agreement. Cornyn must find at least 10 GOP senators in order to override the certain filibuster that pro-Second Amendment Senate Republicans will insist on.

Any agreed legislation will need those 10 Republican votes even if all 50 senators who caucus as Democrats go along with a deal.

The Senate negotiations reportedly hit a stumbling block last week on another prior restraint provision. Democrats are now apparently pressing for a provision in the bill that would prohibit the spouse of a person convicted of domestic violence from possessing firearms. The details of how due process rights could be legally removed from a person who has committed no crime or has any personal disqualifications are unknown.

Texas Republicans and many conservative GOP lawmakers have joined a nationwide chorus of supporters of firearms rights and freedom in sharply criticizing the reported details of Cornyn’s negotiations so far. It has been reported that the agreement being discussed would encourage states to enact so-called “red flag” laws.

Red flag laws typically allow law enforcement to seize firearms from individuals who are deemed “immediate threats” to themselves or others after receiving complaints.

Cornyn made some public statements against red flag law incentives after the national backlash became obvious. He said last week that no state should pass a red flag law unless it includes “due process and Bill of Rights protections.”

Even after those comments last week, the attendees at the Texas GOP convention remained very displeased with Cornyn, and they let him hear it. In addition to booing the senator, many in the crowd chanted “say no to Cornyn,” and “no red flags” as he was making his remarks.