Seems Like The ‘Biased’ Investigation Into Donald Trump Have Reached A ‘Dead-End’

According to the News, two of the primary prosecutors on a criminal fraud case against Donald Trump resigned after the district attorney raised significant doubts about the evidence. In 2018, Manhattan’s then-District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr., sued the Trump Organization and its Chief Financial Officer with tax fraud reportedly connected to overvaluing assets to receive bank loans. From the outside, it was evident that the allegation was false.

Vance worked hard for the DA’s office to obtain Trump’s tax returns, and he received a judgment from the Supreme Court that was likely the case’s apex. The situation has deteriorated to the point where Alvin Bragg, the new District Attorney, was quoted as saying, “he had misgivings about pressing through with a case against Mr. Trump.” According to the New York Times, Bragg’s vote of no confidence in the case resulted in the resignation of two prosecutors.

There’s the halted investigation, and then there’s the issue that the grand jury term expires in April. Prosecutors prefer not to reconstitute new grand juries for old cases if witness testimony changes. It’s horrible, and it’s unfortunate. “Without Mr. Bragg’s willingness to move forward, prosecutors postponed a plan to interrogate at least one witness late last month,” one person familiar with the case said.

Moreover, according to the findings, prosecutors could not persuade any Trump Organization officials to collaborate and turn on Mr. Trump. Democrats can still hold out hope, though, because New York State Attorney General Letitia James is conducting the same witch hunt against Trump.

The New York Times examines how Democrats pursue bogus lawsuits against Donald Trump, including allegations that he attempted to alter election results in Fulton County, Georgia, and at a golf course in Westchester County, New York. Mazars USA, Trump’s accounting company, finally resigned due to the inquiries. To the evident dismay of the reporters, Mazars did not declare Trump to be a fraud. Instead, it just wiped its hands of everything.