Citizens In Biden’s America Are Treated As Second-Class

Deplorables make up a sizable portion of the middle and working classes in the United States. Society is being transformed by Big Government, which is united with left-leaning Big Business, the permanent Administrative State, mainstream media, Big Tech and social media, and our educational and intellectual institutions. What they all have in common is a commitment to executing a radical-left agenda in this nation, with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Marxism increasingly being used as a governing model.

The COVID-19 epidemic, which started in a Chinese lab and swiftly spread over the world, provided the excuse and sparked for operations to destroy Western-style democracies all over the world. The left weaponized the reaction to the epidemic with the sole goal of toppling President Trump in 2020 by any means necessary. The goal is to keep up the continuous campaign of instilling fear and worry in many Americans’ minds to divert their attention away from the ongoing political subversion of our way of life.

Furthermore, Biden and the left are waging a coordinated assault on the typical American’s job, family, community, safety, health, and life. Their actions on COVID-19 have resulted in a slew of harmful effects, most of which have been borne by the poor. Revolutions have proven to be deadly for a large portion of the people throughout history. If the radical left’s vision of America triumphs, no one is safe.

If the left takes power, America will face uncontrolled borders, more taxes, out-of-control inflation, soaring energy expenses, and national and personal security decline. In collaboration with Big Tech, people will witness the emergence of an ever-more powerful surveillance state. The dominating ideology of the day will continue to be identity politics.

Left-wing policies will reduce economic development potential, particularly among blue-collar employees and the poor. The ripple effect will diminish the quality of life for most Americans, with the ruling elite set to be exempt. The stakes for the future of our country and the majority of its residents could not be greater.

The deplorable desire that the government plays a more diminutive role in society. They want one that acknowledges sovereign persons’ duties and rights while also accepting that they are derived from a higher power. A governance system that also fosters equality between individuals and the rule of law is included in this vision.