Seattle Voters May Finally Oust Councilwoman Kshama Sawant

A Seattle councilwoman from the Socialist Alternative has done more than any other politician to transform the city into a third-world hellhole by defunding police, encouraging “homeless” people to live in Fentanyl Flats, enacting policies that kill jobs, and driving out businesses. Furthermore, the city councilwoman has alienated voters with her outrageous and caustic acts, which have gone against both city ethics regulations and the rules of what’s left of civilized society as a whole.

After leading hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters to occupy city hall during the “summer of love,” which was closed to the public due to COVID restrictions and after those same groups had taken over a police station and part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Sawant was charged with rioting, it was referred to as CHOP and CHAZ. Sawant also led a group of her supporters to the residence of Mayor Jenny Durkan, whose address was kept a secret due to the mayor’s previous work as a federal prosecutor. The offense was a felony crime.

We The Governed, a Seattle-based watchdog group, has labeled Sawant’s supporters a “cult.” In the wake of her efforts to slash their funding, the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild is firmly behind her recall. Defunding and the COVID-19 mandates have resulted in a significant exodus of police officers, making it nearly impossible to maintain a fully staffed force to cover the entirety of Seattle.

One of Sawant’s accusations was that two Seattle police officers were guilty of murder. They’re taking legal action against her. In the meanwhile, the city is covering her legal expenses.

City money was misused to fund the councilwoman’s pet initiative to tax Amazon to death unlawfully and unethically. The money had to be returned to the city once she was found out and ordered to pay it back. She brushed it off as a minor blemish. It took Sawant to the state supreme court to fight her recall. She’s a complete and utter failure.