Schiff Storm: CA Congressman Hit With Ethics Case

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is in more trouble this week. He was removed from the House Intelligence Committee, the former Secretary of State accused him of leaking classified info and now he is facing an ethics complaint.

Schiff is being accused of using a clip of his grandstanding during President Trump’s impeachment in his campaign launch video.

The problem is that House of Representatives Ethics Rules forbid the use of footage of members of Congress on the House Floor in campaigns. Schiff clearly used a video of him carrying on in House proceedings.

Pretty bad timing for a career politician who just announced a bid for retiring Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) seat next year. Considering that he will face a crowded field from both parties, this must be unwelcome news.

Not so fast, replied the Schiff’s new Senate campaign! His staff claims that while the video is genuine footage of the Congressman on the House floor, it is acceptable.

Their excuse is that the video can’t violate House ethics rules because Schiff is using the footage to run for Senate. Talk about splitting hairs to try to get away with things.

One thing is clear: if a Republican did this, especially one that was a nemesis of Adam Schiff, they would face holy hell over it. Schiff’s behavior during the incorrect accusations of Trump-Russia collusion is an indicator of just how far he can get carried away.

Then again, Schiff probably wouldn’t be a star in the Democratic Party other than for his poor behavior. It also reinforces the reasons why House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) removed Schiff from the intel committee in the first place.

Because of the mundane nature of Schiff’s error, it is unlikely that he would be walked out in handcuffs. He will likely get a pass from the narrowly divided House and from the Democrats’ allies in the media.

Chalk it up to yet another case of what if a Republican did it? Adam Schiff is able to push ethics boundaries for the sake of a political campaign.