Schiff Says Kabul Airport ‘A Very Attractive Target’ For ISIS-K, Al Qaeda

According to Representative Adam Schiff, terrorist attacks by ISIS-Khorasan and Al Qaeda might target Kabul International Airport while the United States and allied forces on the ground in Afghanistan attempt to evacuate thousands of people. In addition, Schiff stated on Fox News on the day in question after getting a classified Afghanistan briefing that he believes the threat to the airport is pretty honest and severe. It would be an extremely enticing target for ISIS-K.

Schiff’s statements come as chaotic events unfold at the airport, as hundreds of refugees continue to wait for their opportunity to flee the nation with their families. Moreover, armed confrontation devolved into gunfire, necessitating the deployment of US and NATO soldiers to the region. On the other hand, Schiff voiced concern about the threat terrorist organizations may provide to both Americans and Afghan allies on the ground in Afghanistan. The California Democrat expressed worry in his letter that organizations outside the gates may cause disruption, extending the United States term in a way that ISIS-K believes is in their best interests.

The United States has evacuated about 48,000 people from Kabul thus far, including at least 3,300 Americans. However, hundreds of more individuals are still awaiting evacuation, raising concerns that the operation may continue beyond the August 31 deadline. Furthermore, the Taliban, who have promised consequences if the United States extends the process beyond September, would not be pleased with such an extension of the operation. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen stated on Friday that if the United States or even the United Kingdom were to request additional time to continue evacuations, the answer would be simple “NO.” Hence, there would be consequences if this were not done.