Saudi Arabia is Benefiting From Biden’s Anti-Energy Policies

Since getting into the White House, Americans have held Joe Biden’s feet to the fire for consistently putting this nation and its interests last. One of the clearest signs of Biden doing this is in the energy industry.

The president has repeatedly courted other nations for their oil. Yet, at the same time, Biden’s domestic policies prevent American oil drilling, fracking, and vital pipeline operations.

Obliviously, the president also continues to lash out against US energy companies, demanding them to reduce their costs when his policies make this next to impossible.

Unfortunately, as America’s energy industry suffers, the same cannot be said for the economy of Saudi Arabia. As it turns out, the rise of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry has been largely fueled by the failed policies of the Biden White House.

A Gut Punch to American Interests
US anti-energy policies that sent gas prices skyrocketing are a major factor in why America’s looking at a likely recession. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed 3.7% growth in its economy, along with a 10% surge in its oil industry.

At least part of this growth has been driven by the president himself going to the Saudis, pleading with them for oil, even when America is more than capable of domestic production.

At the same time, when it comes to getting more oil from Saudi Arabia, the president is out of luck. He was told as much during last month’s G-7 summit by the president of France.

With the US economy continuing to decline, the president has two different options before him.

He can continue to seek oil from foreign nations that do not have America’s best interests at heart. Conversely, Biden can also make a choice to work with domestic energy suppliers here at home and save what’s left of the country’s economy.

Part of a Larger Pattern
The latest developments involving Saudi Arabia are far from Biden’s first time boosting other nations while letting America crumble.

Not long after Biden pulled the rug from under the Keystone XL pipeline, he approved Russian President Vladimir Putin’s prized Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Considering Saudi Arabia’s documented gains from America’s failed energy policies, Biden is facing renewed pressure to pull it together and revitalize domestic energy production.