Sarah Huckabee Sanders May Be Arkansas’ Next Governor

Many Americans can remember Sarah Huckabee Sanders from her days as former President Trump’s White House press secretary.

While working as the press secretary, Sanders frequently sparred with CNN correspondent Jim Acosta. Sanders also succeeded in effectively conveying the policies, viewpoints, and strategies of the Trump administration.

After Sanders left the post, many Americans were disappointed to go. However, this wouldn’t be the last that the country heard of her.

Since her days working for the Trump administration, Sanders declared her candidacy to become the next governor of Arkansas. After Tuesday’s primary election, Sanders is one step closer.

A Ringing Endorsement From the People of Arkansas
During her campaign to win the Arkansas GOP primary election, Sanders found herself up against fellow Republican Doc Washburn. Unlike Washburn, however, Sanders had the full support and endorsement of Trump.

On Tuesday night, the results of the Sanders vs. Washburn primary came pouring in. The former White House press secretary secured more than 83% of the GOP vote, while Washburn won a little over 16% support from Arkansas Republicans.

With the primary election finished, Sanders now has to win the general election before she officially becomes Arkansas’ next governor. For what it’s worth, Sanders’ prospects in this regard appear favorable as well.

Arkansas Democrat Chris Jones is the candidate who will likely face Sanders in the state’s general election. Meanwhile, the most recent poll pitting Sanders vs. Jones showed the former with 58%, while the latter trailed at just 28%.

Given Arkansas’ status as a reliably red state, it appears unlikely its residents would vote a Democrat into the governor’s mansion.

In the wake of Sanders’ win on Tuesday, she stated that Republicans will continue to fight and call out the destructive policies of the Democrat Party, especially in Arkansas.

A Red Wave in Motion?
As Arkansas and other states hold governor’s races, the midterm elections are also playing out across multiple states.

In these races, Republicans also appear set to take home some serious wins. Multiple conservatives have warned that momentum is on the side of the GOP, especially because of the problems Americans are facing under Democratic leadership.

GOP candidates in midterm elections and governor’s races alike have committed to fighting and delivering for the American public. This means seriously cutting down on gas prices, lowering spending at the federal level, and otherwise getting the government out of Americans’ lives.

With less than two years of Democrats in power, many Americans are barely hanging on and eager to vote for change.