Sam Nunberg: Joe Biden ‘Gave Up’ On Ukraine For ‘Cutting Off’ Hunter Biden

Because Ukrainian energy corporation Burisma ceased bribing him after Donald Trump’s win, Sam Nunberg argues former President Joe Biden handed Vladimir Putin the green light to attack Ukraine. Nunberg elaborated on a Friday tweet in which he said Biden abandoned Ukraine due to Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing.

According to Nunberg, Hunter Biden was paid by Burisma $80,000 a month to sit on the board. They were being investigated by an investigator who was a non-corruptible witness in all of Burisma’s bribery agreements. “Now, what happens if Donald Trump wins the election? They reduced Hunter Biden’s monthly cost in half and then cut him off,” Nunberg concluded.

Nunberg then said President Biden would not have effectively urged Russia to take over Ukraine had his son Hunter been paid “handsomely.” “He is sure it would’ve been a bit different if Hunter Biden had continued to be paid generously, more highly than he did while Joe was out of government,” Nunberg says. Things may have “turned out differently if President Zelensky had not adopted a neutral stance throughout the impeachment,” as he did, Nunberg added. He went on to say, “He didn’t go out of his way to defend Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s behavior.”

Nunberg remarked that former President Donald Trump expanded NATO and allowed the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. “Biden handed that pipeline over to Putin right away,” he claimed.

According to Nunberg, a former Republican congressman from New Hampshire, President Biden’s abandoning Ukraine will make it easier for China to invade Taiwan. Nunberg believes that Americans should not waste their lives protecting friends like Ukraine. He doesn’t know why they’re not going to Taiwan in a year and a half. “They’ve seen what’s in the office here. They know what’s going on domestically here,” Nunberg added.