Russia Plans To Stop Cooperating On The ISS

Russia recently declared that the nation will suspend cooperation with Western countries on the International Space Station (ISS) until these Western countries lift their sanctions against Russia.

Head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin tweeted that Russia is ending its collaboration with Western nations regarding the ISS, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Rogozin stated that the unlawful sanctions on Russia must be lifted in order to resume with the regular relations in the International Space Station and several other collaborative projects.

Rogozin continued by stating that he will present to the Kremlin a schedule for the completion of current projects.

Russia’s plan to cease collaboration operations on the International Space Station follows after the threats Russia has been making for weeks, in addition to the cancellation of ISS programmes, all due to Western sanctions on Russia.

In a previous statement, Rogozin said that Roscosmos should quit cooperating on the International Space Station with the West, and let it collide with the Earth.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk responded by offering the backing of his space-exploration organization, SpaceX.

In the past, the ISS astronauts have returned to Earth on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft. On the other hand, since 2020, Musk’s SpaceX Crew Dragon has completed four trips to the ISS and is capable of dropping off the crew on the ISS.

Elon Musk even assured that SpaceX would protect the ISS from colliding with the Earth.

The United States is responsible for supplying life support technology to the ISS while Russia assists the ISS with propulsion. Without Musk’s offer to help the ISS stay afloat, Russia’s threats to let it crash down on Earth would have constituted a real problem.

Rogozin has stated that if Russia leaves the ISS, the U.S. or a European nation will be responsible for the extra ISS maintenance tasks. Officials from the United States have previously stated that managing the ISS alone would be “very tough.”