Ron DeSantis Reveals His Next Move In Fight Against Mutinous School Districts

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, heavily criticized the nationally promoted mask mandate for schools, imposing a ban on schools from obligating their students and faculty members to wear a mask. As a result, any school that continues to defy this ban and still forces its students and faculty members to wear masks will, in turn, be penalized, with school board members having to bear heavy fines.

Unlike other Republicans, DeSantis is steadfast in his opposition to school mandates for masks, arguing that students are the least susceptible to the virus and that now that teachers have been vaccinated, forcing them to wear masks throughout their frantic school routines is cruel and futile.

In addition to this, school children have the lowest risk of contracting and contaminating the virus. The masks that they regularly wear in case a mask mandate is imposed are just simple cloth masks that are not that effective in limiting the spread of the virus. Not to forget that wearing a mask for an entire day at school may be even more unhygienic in the case of children, who are usually naïve towards the protocols of keeping your mask sanitary. Moreover, several skin diseases that arise as a result of wearing masks, in addition to restrictive breathing, are just a lot for young students to bear.

So, the order imposed by DeSantis seeks to remove their unfruitful efforts to prevent the virus, based on the values mentioned above. To guarantee strict adherence to DeSantis’ order, fines have been imposed on schools that continue to disobey the order, allowing parents to reclaim their funding from such school districts and eventually forcing them to comply with the state’s mandate. Although some have opposed DeSantis’ order, many others have supported it, applauding DeSantis for his dedication and perseverance in the face of criticism.