Ron DeSantis Is Calling Out Biden’s Latest Comments On COVID-19

Since Joe Biden got into office, he’s demonstrated a pattern of saying one thing, but then taking actions that are directly contradictory to his own rhetoric.

The president claimed that he’s all for unifying the country and ending political animosity. Yet, in the same breath, Biden doesn’t hesitate to trash his political opponents as semi-fascists, segregationists, and danger to democracy.

When Biden ran for office, he said he wouldn’t mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, less than one year after getting into the White House, Biden fought all the way to the Supreme Court to have US workers forced to take COVID-19 vaccines.

Recently, Biden claimed the COVID-19 pandemic is “over.” Yet, his actions don’t show that he truly believes the pandemic has come to an end. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is therefore calling the president out on this.

What Biden Doesn’t Want to Talk About
If the pandemic is truly over, then there’s no basis for Biden to use presidential emergency power to waive student loan debt. Likewise, there’s no reason for non-US citizens arriving in the country to be forced to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

With the pandemic in the rearview mirror, American soldiers who were thrown out of the military for not taking COVID-19 vaccines should also be reinstated. Likewise, no current military members should be forced to take these vaccines.

However, amid massive recruitment levels in the military, Biden has yet to end these mandates that, by his own logic, aren’t necessary since the pandemic has passed.

It is for this reason that DeSantis is calling out Biden. On Monday, the Florida governor questioned when Biden will welcome back the servicemembers who lost their jobs because of the vaccine mandate.

Thus far, the president has yet to answer.

Why Biden Really Declared the Pandemic As “Over”
It’s widely believed that the president announced the end of the pandemic to give Democrats a leg up in the midterms. With Democrats not projected to keep their current control over Congress, Biden wants to give his party every possible advantage.

Pandemic policies and COVID-19 restrictions have become deeply unpopular. Therefore, by Biden declaring the pandemic is over, he’s hoping Americans will forget the mandates and restrictions that Democrats passed within the past couple of years.

Biden has no intention of actually taking real measures that follow through with the pandemic being over.