Ron DeSantis Brings out the Flamethrower in New Op-Ed

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Ron DeSantis took to the pages of The Wall Street Journal today, penning a scathing op-ed that takes apart the government and media’s response to the COVID pandemic. The Florida governor addressed how politics got so infused into actions taken prior and present regarding the virus.

He also noted how the pandemic was a boon to the mainstream media, meaning they have had every incentive to keep the fear porn rolling.

Here are some of the best passages with a hat tip to Logan Hall from The Daily Caller for putting this together.

The way the press has treated COVID has been a complete disgrace. While lockdowns destroyed the mental health of people, killed businesses, and in some cases, cost lives, the media set about making everything about Donald Trump. The obsession reverberated in all their coverage, including their irresponsible, deadly treatment of hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has been used around the world to help with symptoms of COVID at certain stages of sickness. In that instance, telling people a common malaria drug was going to kill them if their doctor gave it to them was preferable to giving the orange man a small victory.

Further, COVID drove ratings, which meant that every piece of bad news along with every new attack on Trump made CNN, MSNBC, and their cohorts more money. Now, with Trump gone and their ratings collapsing, networks like CNN still can’t stop. Just today, Sanjay Gupta was on air rattling about how you must wear masks after vaccination because the virus will mutate if you don’t. The fear peddling never stops because if it stops, they lose viewers. That doing all this also feeds into their partisan, left-wing narratives is the other thing they gain.

DeSantis also hit our “elites” for their constant wrong predictions, noting that Florida well outperformed the doomsday predictions by ignoring them and actually following science and common sense. As the governor notes, “15 days to stop the spread” turned into a tool of control, one that the current administration has no intention of letting go of. But Florida did things differently and reaped the rewards.

The victory lap is on, and DeSantis deserves every second of it. It took real courage to do what he did. Other GOP governors like Mike DeWine, Larry Hogan, and yes, Greg Abbott, simply didn’t have the fortitude to stand up and what was right early on. In the end, they ended up with worse outcomes and worse economies. It didn’t have to be that way, and DeSantis showed that.