Rise In Flag And American Traditions Disrespect

The American Thinker published a post by Silvio Canto, Jr., on July 7 titled “Leave the country if you hate it that much,” pointing out the recent wave of blatant disrespectful acts towards the American flag and our founding documents.

Canto pointed out that Democratic members of Congress and the liberal press cynically used the Independence Day holiday weekend to slam the flag and the Declaration of Independence.

He cited Fox News’ reporting that the “New York Times on Saturday published a piece that suggested the American flag has become a symbol of divisiveness,” and the “Washington Post published an opinion piece titled ‘Remember the Bicentennial? Celebrating might be even harder for America’s 250th birthday’.”

Canto also pointed out NPR’s commentary on the Declaration of Independence, “ripping it as a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies.”

Also mentioned was the sad and confusing display made by the U.S. women’s soccer team when team members faced away from the flag during the playing of the national anthem by World War II veteran Pete DuPré on his harmonica. Despite the team’s bizarre excuse that the team members were looking at a flag somewhere else in the stadium and away from DuPré, the image could not have been more clear.

NBC News published an opinion piece in June focused on Flag Day, arguing that it’s “clear that it’s a mistake to treat the flag as a sacrosanct object,” and that “hatred and anger and racism presented as patriotism is not only false but dangerous.” Their idea of “hatred and anger,” of course, is somewhat likely to differ from that of the average American. After all, NBC referred to MSNBC analyst Mara Gay, who claimed to have seen “a procession of vehicles on Long Island flying flags.”

Canto asks a couple of pertinent questions in light of the uptick in anti-American grandstanding over the most recent holiday weekend. He asks if another country in the world is preferable to the American haters and then asks why they don’t simply move there if it exists.

Canto acknowledges that the people who sneer at American tradition are obnoxious. He does, however, point out that ordinary Americans will not tolerate this sort of behavior as it becomes more brazen.

The way ordinary Americans can win the battle against the forces that seek to destroy our founding traditions and most important symbols is by remaining vigilant when discussing their importance and handing these traditions over to the next generation.