Riley Gaines Threatens Legal Action Against Trans-Rights Activists

On Friday, Riley Gaines, a former University of Kentucky swimmer who was assaulted by an angry mob in San Francisco, appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss the incident.

Gaines said she was attacked by a mob of demonstrators as she spoke about the inclusion of trans athletes in women’s sports during an event organized by Turning Point USA at San Francisco State.

A video shared by Gaines on Twitter shows security escorting her out of a classroom and into a hallway as protesters pursue her.

Further footage shared on social media depicts security personnel blocking Gaines from a throng of protesters before she was led to a secure room, where she claimed to have been barricaded for three hours.

Gaines has been vocal about her opposition to transgender females participating in and dominating female sports.

During her appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gaines revealed that she plans to take action against those who allegedly assaulted her in San Francisco. She vowed that her attackers would face “repercussions” for their actions.

She said, “You know, I am worried about my safety. I have to be now. When we have people who are willing to do this, and we know why they’re willing to do this, it is because they don’t have reason, they don’t have logic, they don’t have science, they don’t have common sense on their side. That’s on my side. And so they protrude by violence, whether it’s physical or verbal violence.”

She continued, “But what this means for me does not deter me. This assures me that I’m doing the right thing. This will not silence me. When they want me to be silenced, it just means I need to speak louder.”

Carlson asked her, “Really quick, has any — did anyone in the State of California in authority, any political figure, for example, defend you?”

She replied, “No. Not the Dean of Students, not the Campus Police. I will say the City of San Francisco Police that stepped in, they did a phenomenal job in escorting three hours later. But I will be pursuing legal action. I will ensure that the people who physically assaulted me, the people who put me in that position, they will face repercussions.”