‘Right To Choose’ Needs To Be Restored To Fix The American Healthcare System

Healthcare in the United States has devolved into medical dictatorship, robbing people of their independence. Politicians in Washington dictate what medications people must take, and doctors are limited in what drugs they may prescribe. According to federal health policy, right-thinking and rule-following are valued more than patient outcomes. Healthcare must return to its roots: personal freedom and medical autonomy must be restored.

Physicians are evaluated on their productivity based on productivity criteria. Efficient physicians see the most patients in the shortest amount of time. Benchmark as a pediatric cardiologist can be 4.2 established patients per hour. It gives 14.3 minutes to take a history, perform a physical examination, review the literature, and diagnose.

Moreover, you can be treated by bureaucrats, insurance executives, and politicians. Doctors do not because they are unable to do so. Patients’ prescriptions are dictated by pharmacy benefit management bureaucrats, not physicians. Contracts with insurance companies dictate who operates on patients, when, where, and even if. State officials now make ER triage choices, not the doctors on the spot.

In healthcare, cost does not refer to the total money spent on a product or service. It entails financial outlay. The majority of people feel that universal health care entails receiving the services they require when they require it. “Universal health care” is a slogan that refers to universal insurance coverage. Provider mistake, not medical risk, is thought to cause adverse patient outcomes.

COVID’s answer exemplifies how far healthcare has moved from patients’ autonomy. If a patient’s optimal medical treatment violates government criteria, such therapy is illegal. Against their will, Americans are forced to embrace experimental gene treatment. Officials from the federal government not only pretend to follow science, but they also label any material that contradicts their story as disinformation and restrict it.

Furthermore, Washington is forbidden from having authority or “power” over healthcare under the Tenth Amendment. The patient selects a provider, enters into a contract with that provider, and pays for fiduciary services. There is no one or nothing between the patient and the doctor. Patients’ right to choose must be restored if Americans want timely, high-quality, and cheap medical care.