Rhode Island is Trying to Coerce Its Residents Into COVID Vaccination

Over the past two years, Democrats have shown Americans exactly who they are. They’ve shown their interest in controlling people’s lives and then claiming it’s for their own good.

Everyone has seen this as Democrats supported shutdowns, stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports.

To this day, the Democratic White House is trying to bring back mask mandates for travel, even though the mandate was overturned by a federal judge already.

At the same, blue states are still trying to force through coercive vaccine mandates. One of the worst cases of this is taking place in Rhode Island, according to Life Site News.

Very Bad News For the People of Rhode Island

Sen. Samuel Bell (D-RI) has introduced a bill that would make folks 16 and up take COVID vaccines and any subsequent boosters that health officials deem as best. People who wish to get exemptions will require signatures from three different doctors in the state.

Meanwhile, if this bill passes, then Rhode Islanders who don’t get these vaccines will see their income taxes doubled and also be on the hook for a $50 monthly fee.

Of course, Bell is trying to frame this bill as in the best interests of the public and folks who are immunocompromised.

Meanwhile, Rhode Island Republicans are fighting this legislation, saying that it’s extreme and goes too far. The Rhode Island GOP also doesn’t appreciate the threats of economic hardship that Bell’s bill threatens to impose on everyday people.

It’s also worth noting that the vaccines this senator wants to mandate do not stop the virus from being contracted or transmitted. This, in and of itself, proves his legislation is about control, not the overall health of Rhode Islanders.

The Future of Blue States

Unfortunately, the type of legislation that’s being proposed in Rhode Island appears to be the direction that blue states are heading.

On Friday, Los Angeles County, California reinstated mask mandates for public transit in the community. There is no telling when (or if) this mandate will ever be lifted. Yet, in a public statement, county officials said the mandate needed to be in place because of the CDC’s recommendations.

At this point, it’s very clear that, given the chance, Democrats will move to micromanage Americans’ lives as much as possible. It will not stop with mask or vaccine mandates; yet, Democrats wonder why their states are losing residents and why they’re projected to lose the midterms.

Americans have had enough of petty tyranny being falsely promoted as public health precautions.