Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus Calls For Dem Strategist To Resign Over Graham Comment

Senator Lindsey Graham has revealed that he tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Following a gathering with a group of other state lawmakers who had also been accused of testing positive. Graham tested positive despite having received all of his vaccinations. Regardless of political orientation, it is a common human courtesy to wish the unwell person well and wish them a rapid recovery at times like these. Still, Kate Coyne-McCoy demonstrated her heartlessness in a recent tweet.

Kate McCoy, the head strategist of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, tweeted shortly after Graham’s announcement, asking if it would be wrong to wish him death. Though she did not mention Graham directly, it was evident that the Tweet was targeting him. Despite receiving a torrent of criticism, she had to withdraw the tweet that expressed her disdain for Republicans. She deleted the tweet shortly after and wrote another tweet in which, instead of apologizing, she just excused her poor judgment. She said she regretted her mistake, but like a heartless woman, she did not change her attitude and only said so to save her image. But that didn’t work in her favor either. The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus Committee called for her immediate resignation. Their statement noted that such speech is not welcomed in the Democratic party and should not be welcomed in any other political party.

Kate is known for making a similar statement on President Trump back in March 2020 as well, for which she faced a considerable amount of backlash, but she did it again. She is in dire need of a moral compass and maturity. I wonder what is still keeping her firm at her position despite all the backlash and criticism. Had it been a Republican, the entire Administration would have crumbled.