Reuters Poll Shows Biden Facing Difficult Democratic Trends

Reuters reported on June 30 that the results of polling conducted from June 11 through June 17 indicate increasing problems for the Biden administration among its faithful Democrat supporters in implementing its national agenda since taking office.

In comparison with similar polling conducted in April, the June polling shows flagging support from fellow Democrats. The administration struggled with Congress on initiatives that would follow through on campaign promises. Another overarching theme of the polling is growing concern among all Americans about a sluggish economic recovery from the Covid pandemic.

Approval from all Americans of Biden’s handling of the economy, taxation, and gun violence has dropped, with the most significant decline in the Democratic Party. Further, among Democrats, support has fallen most among respondents under 40, who are non-white, or who do not hold a college degree.

With more Americans returning to work, the economy has taken over from healthcare as a top issue. Inflation in gas and food prices appears to be driving increased concerns with inflation, with most respondents expressing worry over rising expenses.

Reuters reported that many people are beginning to feel growing frustration with the recovery from the pandemic, citing Democrat pollster Ryan Pougiales. “There’s a huge impatience” with the economy. Everyone’s been bottled up in their homes. Many have lost their jobs or lost loved ones,” said Pougiales in describing the concerns many Americans have with getting back to normalcy.

The poll results show that 44% of the country is “very concerned” that inflation will continue and that only 35% think that the national economy is headed in the right direction. Support among Democrats for the President’s economic plan is down 7 points to 78% since April. Disapproval among Democrats rose 6 points to 15%.

With these results coming from just the two months of April through June, the trend should trouble the administration as its recovery plan continues to bog down with key members of Congress. And as ordinary Americans continue to feel the pressure of rising prices, stagnant wages, and a lagging job market among racial and ethnic minorities.

In the weeks since the polling took place, the Biden presidency has seen continuing price increases for food and gas along with fumbled public relations opportunities. The White House’s July 1 tweet about the price of a 4th of July cookout dropping by all of 16 cents did not make a favorable impression on ordinary Americans shopping for their groceries.

National GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel made the impression of the polling data on Republicans precise in her tweet of July 1:

“According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, just 35% of the country thinks the U.S. economy is headed in the right direction, with a majority concerned about rising prices. Biden’s policies are failing.”