Republicans “Don’t Want You To Vote,” Claims Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris used her appearance July 8 at a Democratic National Committee event to hype the DNC’s “I Will Vote” campaign and the “For the People Act” while claiming that Republicans “don’t want you to vote.”

Harris used the gathering at Howard University to continue the theme repeated throughout the year by Democrats that all attempts by Republicans to enhance and preserve election integrity at state and federal levels as attempts to disenfranchise voters.

The Vice President specifically attacked the laws enacted in 17 states in 2021 designed to protect the legitimacy and integrity of elections. “These bills have already become law. You know what’s going on in Texas right now. This all is designed, I believe, to make it harder for you to vote so that you don’t vote. These laws make it harder for you to vote because they don’t want you to vote,” Harris claimed.

Harris’ remarks are, of course, consistent with months of propagandizing by President Biden that election integrity efforts amount to “Jim Crow 2.0” and make “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

The wrongful claims of racism and suppression made by Democrats overlook that many of the laws being criticized increase voting opportunities and are more expansive than the voting rules found in many Democratic stronghold states.

The election integrity laws passed and proposed this year focus on problems in last year’s election with mail-in ballots, absentee voting, and drop-box collections.

The “For the People” Act that Harris attempts to support by making false claims about the purposes of Republican election reforms would substantially reduce election integrity while unconstitutionally impairing political free speech and mandating federal control of elections expressly reserved to the states.

The proposed federal law’s chilling impact and prohibitions on political expression conflict with the First Amendment and decades of Supreme Court precedent. The Electors Clause of the Constitution reserves to the states the procedure of selecting presidential electors to the Electoral College.

Harris and the Democrats cannot abide the prospect that they will not be allowed to take the excesses that came with the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse and make them permanent openings for widespread opportunities for fraud and election abuses.

Conservatives and Republicans can expect significant upcoming battles in the Senate and the courts over the Democrats’ refusal to accept any legitimate restrictions on their ability to manipulate elections and stuff ballot boxes.