Republicans BLAST OUT At Pelosi’s Texas Visit Amid The Afghan Crisis

The Speaker of the House traveled to Texas this week to support the Biden administration’s “Build Back Better” health care plan, but a Republican spokeswoman criticized her timing. Following last month’s devastating Kabul airport attack in Afghanistan, the GOP spokeswoman argued that the San Francisco Democrat’s abilities were more in need in Washington than in Austin.

As KXAN-TV in Austin reported, Nancy Pelosi is rude and insensitive to advocate for the Democrats’ plan while Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan. However, The Speaker should recall Congress to demand an explanation for Biden’s bungled Afghanistan exit. Moreover, Republicans and even Democrats have criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the United States’ two-decade-long troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Taliban insurgents seized vast swaths of the country as US military presence dwindled, culminating in the Taliban’s capture of Kabul.

Following that, a failed attempt to evacuate American citizens from Kabul airport occurred, as did the Aug. 26 terrorist attack that murdered hundreds of Afghans and 13 American troops. Pelosi blasted Texas Republicans on Thursday in Austin, according to KXAN, for making the state one of just 12 in the US that does not give expanded Medicaid services.
Furthermore, Nancy Pelosi stated that refusing government funds for Medicaid is virtually immoral, as well. She had chosen to slash the number of people in her state by millions. Pelosi vowed to aid in reaffirming the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion rule, which legal experts believe is in jeopardy following the Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold the new Texas legislation.

A Texas court granted a temporary restraining order late Friday, protecting abortion facilities from new law-enforcement cases. Therefore, according to the Associated Press, the lawsuit would be heard on Sept. 13, 2021.