Republican Governors Of Southern Border States Take Security Into Their Own Hands

It’s well-known that unless the Biden Administration is replaced, the immigration situation on our southern border will not improve. The Republican governors of our southern border states appear to be prepared to do just that, as well.

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona delivered his State of the State address on Monday, and he focused much of his remarks on safeguarding the State’s border. For example, Ducey announced a multi-state border group led by governors concerned about the influx of illegal immigration, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott: “Every American is at risk because of the lack of action taken by the federal government on border security.” A team of Arizona’s top law enforcement officials, including Major General Kerry Muehlenbeck, Department of Public Safety Colonel Heston Silbert, and Department of Homeland Security Director Tim Roemer, was sent to Texas in November. The strategy was finalized in December. The American Governor’s Border Strike Force, formed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and me, promises states to do what the Biden administration is unwilling to do: patrol and secure our border.

Ducey created Arizona’s Border Strike Force in 2015. The Arizona Border Strike Force works with local, federal, and State agencies to enforce the law. The BSF uses existing infrastructure and relationships with federal, state, county, tribal, and local law enforcement organizations. “Agency partnerships will be used to execute enforcement operations targeting criminal activity in southern and central Arizona.”

Will other states join the Border Strike Force of the American Governors? Other states, like Georgia, have sent National Guard personnel to help patrol the border. And since numbers do matter, let’s hope this new multi-state strike force gets more support. Also, in his announcement, Ducey urged federal lawmakers to join the fight to secure the border: I’m urging our U.S. Senators to join this effort. Legislation should not be supported by members of Arizona’s Congressional delegation who care about public safety unless the President agrees to language that accomplishes this: Secures our border with a physical barrier and virtual surveillance, improves funding for the local communities that these deadly open border policies have decimated, and makes it plain that our border is not available to illegal immigration.