Report: NYT Told Reporters Not To Probe COVID Origins, Perhaps To Protect Its Chinese Business Ties

According to a new Spectator report, as the mysterious novel coronavirus wreaked havoc throughout the globe last year, killing millions of people, the New York Times was busy blocking efforts to uncover the pathogen’s origins, possibly to safeguard its commercial connections (Business Ties) with China. Subsequently, during the early phases of the epidemic, The Times allegedly urged reporters not to delve into the pathogen’s origins, characterizing that virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory as hazardous, conspiratorial, and even racist.

Meanwhile, as the article was claimed to have quashed the inquiries, speculation grew that the mysterious coronavirus had escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a laboratory approved to investigate hazardous pathogens in the area around the outbreak of CoronaVirus. In addition, numerous conservative and alternative media outlets, including The Blaze, have asserted that the concept of laboratory leaks has continued to grow.

On the other side, left-wing media organizations echoed assertions from the Chinese government and the World Health Organization that the virus was natural. No consideration of possible alternatives was permitted. However, sources claimed that the editors’ primary objective was not domestic politics in an election year, despite the Times’ hostility towards former President Trump.

Furthermore, as the Spectator observed, it is probable that the journal was projecting a severe position against origin probes to keep its significant economic relationships with China. Additionally, one of the Times writers noted that any NYT’s suggestion to ignore the sources of such an outbreak is absurd. However, China Daily is one of the state-owned news organizations from whom The New York Times Company has chosen to discontinue accepting and hosting branded content advertisements.