Report: Chinese Drones Aiding Russia In War Against Ukraine

Chinese drones are taking a dramatic role in Russia’s war against Ukraine, according to an explosive new report in Britain’s Daily Mirror. The outlet further suggested that Russian mercenaries are partnered with Chinese agents to expand on their successes.

Meanwhile, a new Wall Street Journal report said that drones are being flown directly from China to Russia for use in its invasion of Ukraine.

Manufactured by China’s Da-Jiang Innovations Science & Technology Co., the report said they are also delivered to Moscow’s forces through third parties and indirectly by the United Arab Emirates.

The Journal, citing unnamed government sources, said that Washington has concerns not only for the drones’ effects on the war but what China is getting in return. The outlet quoted a “senior U.S. security official” saying that Beijing is “just soaking up data.”

The source added that China is able to assess “the TTPs, the tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

They also noted the close relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the military. With this free flow of information, data goes directly into the People’s Liberation Army.

Meanwhile, the Mirror reported that Russia’s infamous Wagner Group mercenaries are working with Chinese spies to develop “swarm drones” to be deployed in large numbers. These are explosive-tipped and bomb-deploying drones manufactured in China.

They are referred to as “swarms” due to their ability to be deployed as a large network operated by artificial intelligence to coordinate against a single target.

The outlet claimed that the drones run counter to China’s assertions that it has avoided involvement in the Ukraine war. It also reported that a series of undercover meetings have taken place between Chinese cyberwarfare experts, the Wagner Group, and spies from both Russia and China.

The Mirror cites details emerging from the arrival of Ukrainian forces in the U.K. for training on how to operate Challenger II tanks. It also referred to an intelligence report confirming that Moscow recently received 2,500 of the armed drones from China.

The paper noted an arms expert who believed that Moscow is “throwing everything” at this new arms race. The drones are reportedly capable of sending real-time sweeping imagery back so that targets may be attacked in a coordinated manner.