Rep. Stefanik Rips Biden Admin For ‘Woke’ DOD Curriculum

Kelisa Wing, a far-left educator and author with a history of espousing apparently anti-White sentiment, has been under fire from Republicans since accepting a position as the chief of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Defense Department’s school system.

Nearly two dozen GOP lawmakers sent a letter to the Pentagon last year demanding a probe into Wing’s rhetoric and the ways her divisive ideology has been integrated into the curriculum within the agency.

“These racially divisive comments are directly counterproductive to the goal of a professional and diverse military,” they wrote. “We must oppose racism wherever it occurs, but an approach that singles out one group or race is at odds with the military’s proud history of racial integration.”

Last month, Wing attempted to defend her previous speech as merely a reflection of her private thoughts and not an official statement related to her role at the Department of Defense.

“No, I did not make disparaging comments against White people,” she said. “I would never categorize an entire group of people to disparage them. I’m speaking now as a private individual, about my private speech from July of 2020.”

A subsequent report, however, indicates that her tenure has led to a sharp rise in the level of objectionable material being presented to the children of men and women in the U.S. military.

House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) addressed the troubling trend recently, asserting that the Biden administration has been negligent in addressing the proliferation of “woke” textbooks and lessons within the Defense Department’s curriculum.

“Far-left radical Kelisa Wing is under investigation for her racist and divisive statements, but Biden’s Department of Defense is allowing her to continue to infiltrate the classrooms and minds of our service members’ children,” she asserted.

Stefanik argued that the American people, and service members in particular, “deserve transparency for what their children are learning, not more stonewalling from the Biden administration.”

She concluded that the White House “can no longer hide from parents that they are pushing their radical agenda on our service members’ children, and it is past time for the Department of Defense to release the findings of Kelisa Wing’s divisive and radical ideology she is imposing in our [Department of Defense Education Activity].”