Rep. Sessions Warns FBI to Investigate Hunter Biden or Face Congressional Panel

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Saturday Report,” Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) warned the FBI not to continue to give in to political bias when it comes to investigating Hunter Biden, or else the bureau could be facing Congressional oversight should the Republicans retake the House in the upcoming November midterm elections.

The Texas congressman’s comments come soon after Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) announced that whistleblowers had informed him that a “very liberal, very partisan” man in the FBI — identified only as “T-Bo” — had acted in a biased manner when he chose not to open an investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, despite initiating an investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Sessions went on to say that GOP lawmakers were trying to give the FBI an opportunity to “properly, carefully, lawfully proceed under the law” to investigate Hunter Biden.

The Texas Republican added that the FBI’s actions could lead the bureau to be the subject of Congressional oversight from the GOP, should they appear to act in a biased manner.

“It diminishes the view that the American people have of the confidence in these organizations,” Sessions said regarding the FBI acting on behalf of political interests.

“And as you know, my father was director of the FBI under President Reagan, under President Bush, and then under President Clinton,” he added. “He was fired by President Clinton because the president wanted that job to be political. He wanted someone who would be political in that role.”

Earlier this week, Grassley said in an interview with Newsmax that an FBI official, known as “T-Bo,” had been moved out of his position of deciding which cases to open or close at the bureau and has since been replaced, though it is unclear who is now working in that position.

The Iowa Republican noted that the FBI official, who has a record on social media as being “very liberal, very partisan,” acted in a biased manner when he made a decision based on some “fuzzy newspaper” reporting to “proceed” with an investigation into Trump, while shutting down an investigation into the current president’s son’s shady business dealings, despite having actual evidence of corruption.

According to Grassley, when it came to “concrete information about Hunter Biden’s dealings… with China, etc., [T-Bo] closed that investigation down because he said it was Russian disinformation.”

“Now what we have here is a situation where the FBI should be doing these investigations without any political bias,” the GOP senator added.