Rep. Sabatini Calls Democrats ‘Enemies of Freedom’ for Second Amendment Attacks

Congressional candidate and state Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) condemned Democrats’ attempts to attack the Second Amendment, calling out the “hypocritical” efforts by those who “don’t believe in freedom” and “hate our country.”

After the House Judiciary Committee advanced a bill to raise the age limit for purchasing semi-automatic rifles, and Democrats like President Joe Biden pushed for even more gun control legislation in response to several mass shootings, Republicans are once again forced to step forward and defend the American peoples’ right to self-defense.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Friday, Sabatini pushed back against the Biden administration and Democrats’ calls for bans on firearms while ensuring that their own security is not bound by such restrictions.

“First of all these people are psychopaths,” Sabatini said. “There is no other way of putting it.”

“Their total goal is not just to erase the Second Amendment, but any element of freedom,” he continued. “These are enemies of freedom; they want to reduce all of our freedoms.”

Sabatini went on to assert that the Second Amendment is “one of the most important freedoms,” noting that it “gives us the ability to resist and protect ourselves from unlawful authority, crime, tyranny and from the dangers of crime-ridden cities the Democrats created.”

“These Democrat cities [are] where people actually need firearms and it makes them uncomfortable that people have options to protect themselves, so they want to reduce it,” he added.

The Republican congressional candidate also accused Biden and his fellow Democrats of being jealous of countries like Canada which have “basically already erased [those rights guaranteed in] the Second Amendment,” claiming that the left in the U.S. is “trying to catch up.”

Sabatini pointed out the “hypocrisy” of the Democrats in ensuring that their own protection uses the same arms that they seek to prevent average Americans from owning, arguing that it could be attributed to apathy.

“They are hypocrites because they don’t really care,” he said. “They know full-well that they are creating rules that benefit them and don’t apply to them because in their minds they’re ‘enlightened leaders’ and believe they should be running our lives and in charge of every decision in charge of society and we should just obey.”

“We should be the surfs and they should be the nobles — that’s basically the way these people see it,” Sabatini added. “These people are sick.”

The Florida Republican went on to note that the Democrats’ hypocrisy was not limited to just gun rights.

“The same is true of climate change or any issue,” Sabatini said. “They are trying to come up with rules for the people they believe are their lessers — us, the people, the American people, the ‘deplorables’ — and a different set of rules for the ‘enlightened’ leaders.”

“They’re horrible people that hate our country,” he added.

According to Sabatini, Democrats “don’t believe in freedom” at all.

“It’s not just on gun rights,” he stated. “They would rather people be not allowed to make a lot of decisions until they are 21 or 25.”

“They just don’t believe in freedom,” Sabatini added.

The GOP candidate didn’t stop at calling out Democrats though. Turning his attention to so-called Republicans who have expressed their support for Democrats’ gun control efforts, he suggested that they should be voted out of office.

“Every last one of those RINOs needs to be primaried this year,” Sabatini said. “This is the year to take them out.”

“Every Republican that speaks up for gun control needs to be taken out in a primary, ASAP,” he added. “It needs to be a top priority.”

When asked whether he viewed the gun control issue as a distraction from the failures of the Biden administration, Sabatini said that it was a “mix between incompetence and evil.”

“There are days where they are just totally incompetent, like with the Afghanistan debacle, and there are days where it’s totally evil, like where they’re attempting to limit law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights and erase God-given freedoms,” he responded.

“This is a giant sideshow and distraction and circus that they are trying to create to get people distracted from [historically high] gas prices and the border [crisis] and every other national issue, and Republicans that are playing into it are the biggest fools in the country,” Sabatini added.

He concluded the interview by accusing Biden of having “hatred” for the United States, and arguing that the president is in the process of “destroying” the country.

Sabatini’s interview comes soon after Biden spoke out in favor of more gun control while advocating for Americans to vote out Republicans who oppose his proposals, which include raising the age limit for purchasing rifles to 21, more “red flag” laws and requirements for locked gun storage. Responding to these proposals, many Republicans have pointed out that none of them would have made a difference in most of the mass shootings in the past, and they are therefore just more virtue signaling from the left that will only have the effect of limiting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.