Rep. Mullin ‘Accuses’ Biden Of ‘Thwarting’ His Mission To Help American Citizens Get Out Of Afghanistan

Representative of Oklahoma Markwayne Mullin, a Republican, defended his mission of going to Afghanistan by stating that the American citizens trapped there had to be evacuated. He went there to their aide. He further added that the Biden Administration stood in his way of doing so.

Representative Mullin went to Afghanistan claiming that he did so because Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan left thousands of American citizens. According to Mullin, for these people to get a flight out of Kabul had to have it sponsored by the State Department or a government entity for the flight going in. Mullin said that he could finance the flight and therefore decided to do so. He further noted that it was all due to Biden’s failures. He chose to put his life in danger and make his family go through the trauma because Biden, as a President of America, had failed to fulfill his duties and protect the American people in Afghanistan.

Mullin further blamed Biden for presenting false facts in front of the American’s. According to one of his public addresses, Biden had declared that the Americans in Kabul could get to the Kabul airport and get a flight out, but that was not the case, according to Mullin. In fact, for most of them, it was dangerous to get out on the streets and struggled to find a safe passage to the airport as the Taliban roamed the streets and therefore had to shelter in place waiting to be evacuated.

Mullin straight up blamed Biden for the chaos in Afghanistan and stated that it is the Biden Administration and called him out for his attempts to prevent the aircraft from landing on the airport that had to evacuate the citizens on the ground. Biden claims that the citizens who wanted to get out of the country can get out and, according to Mullin, prevent the citizen’s evacuation through the State Department.