Rep. Jim Jordan: Loving America Shouldn’t Be Controversial, So Why Do Dems Want You To Be Ashamed?

According to the Democrats of Washington DC, being patriotic and calling America the greatest country of the world is controversial. According to them, the entire foundation of American law is infected with racism and bigotry, and the whole system must be overhauled and rebuilt from the ground up. They have downright declared the building blocks of the country’s government and institutions as illegitimate. They are feeding the narrative to every American that they live in a racist country, but most of all, they are feeding it to the state’s children.

It is nothing but propaganda by the Democrats to cease all power. Declaring the state illegitimate, calling for reforms, all to bring the Democrats in the majority representation and restructure the American society according to the leftist policies. The only hurdle standing in their way is the Supreme Court and the Senate. The Democrats want to make the District of Columbia into a state to appoint and bring two new Democratic senators to the congress and four new Democratic Justices appointed by President Biden to the Supreme Court.

In their attempts to reshape America in their progressive narrative, they have already formed policies against the First and Second Amendments. By colluding with the Big Tech and silencing the free speech that goes against their leftist narrative, they have endangered the American’s freedom of speech. Biden has also restricted the rights to bear arms, ordering the ATF to monitor and limit the arms licenses, and has even nominated an ATF director to limit the rights under the Second Amendment.

The Democrats have weakened the rule of law by continuously manipulating the legal system to fit their interests. With the support of the media, they can get away with it. They are demolishing federalism and generalizing all authorities into one to keep the decision-making and the implementing control all to themselves without anyone questioning it. The Democrats are introducing the Reforms to make America great again by forcing the mask requirement inside the Capitol and across the country, launching door-to-door vaccines, taking away people’s choice to choose for themselves, and defending their actions with the help of Big Tech.

No country in the world is flawless, and greatness necessitates hard work. According to the constitution, America is constantly working for a stronger union. It took a long time and a great deal of effort for our country to abolish slavery and attain equality for everybody. The country’s institutions may have been racist or discriminatory historically, but that does not mean that our country has not progressed since. Despite all its flaws, a true statesman strives to accept them and work towards liberating the land from them, as the Republicans do. They know the actual worth of this nation and its unions. Therefore, they take pride in being the country’s nationals that liberated Europe and East Asia from the shackles of Fascism and Communism.