Rep. Carter Reveals that $350M of Border Wall Materials Are Rusting Away

Speaking on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Thursday, Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) said it was “very discouraging” to see construction materials rotting away at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Over $350 million worth of steel and other materials paid for with taxpayer dollars is currently rotting away near the southern border as a result of President Joe Biden’s decision to shut down construction of the border wall.

“We approved, through Congress, 110 miles of border wall to be constructed, went ahead and bought the materials, and have it sitting there. You see $350 million worth of materials of hard-earned taxpayers’ money right there just rusting and deteriorating,” Carter said, sharing images of the materials from his trip to the border this week.

According to the Georgia Republican, the waste was caused by the Biden administration’s decision to cancel the border wall soon after Biden took office, and now “what we have is all these contracts that are costing us $6 million every day to cancel [to] pay off these contracts that were already in place.”

Carter asserted that there is no question that Biden chose to cease the construction of the border wall because he and his administration wanted to reject what former President Donald Trump had accomplished. He noted that the White House, along with not wanting the border wall, also rejected Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy despite the Supreme Court endorsing it.

“[They] want to do away with Title 42,” Carter said, referring to the health policy which barred people with communicable diseases from entering the country. “Let me tell you, the Border Patrol agents are very, very concerned about eliminating and canceling Title 42. They told us that people, that groups, are congregating just south of the border, waiting for Title 42 to be canceled so they can come across.”

“They estimate now that we’ve got 8 to 10,000 people crossing that border every day and that that number will go up to 18,000 or 20,000 if Title 42 is canceled,” he added.

Carter went on to speak out about the Biden administration’s decision to send a stockpile of baby formula to the border, despite a nationwide shortage for American families.

“You can’t find it on your grocery shelves but if you come down here, you can find it on the shelves at the processing facility, for people who are breaking the laws, breaking our laws, and coming into this country illegally,” he said.

The border crisis also continues to lead to a rise in the massive amounts of drugs, particularly fentanyl, coming into the United States, according to Carter.

“Those drugs are going to our communities,” he said. “Don’t think it’s just a border problem. Those drugs are infesting communities in Georgia and New York and Illinois, all across our nation, and they’re having an impact on our communities.”

Thanks to these problems, overdoses are higher than ever and crime is continuing to rise, Carter added.