Rep. Ashley Hinson Expects GOP Gains In 2022 Midterms

Next year’s midterm elections will be vital to maintaining control of Congress during the remaining two years of Joe Biden’s presidency. To rebuild a majority in either chamber, Republicans need to gain one member in the Senate and five seats in the House.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) gave an interview to Breitbart News on July 17, expressing her confidence that the GOP would retake the House, declaring that Democrats are “out of touch with what matters to American families.”

Iowa is the traditional bell cow in presidential politics, with its primary coming first in the election season. As a result, how Iowans vote in midterm elections has always been considered an essential preview to the presidential primaries to come.

Hinson, the representative from Iowa’s First District, told Breitbart, “I do know that Iowans are sick, absolutely sick, of the leftist agenda coming out of the Biden administration and Congress right now. We’re going to take back the House in 2022, the Senate, and then the White House in 2024.”

“It’s our job to prosecute the destructive policies that are coming out of the administration right now, which are higher taxes, more government spending and control, and open borders as well,” she continued.

Hinson stressed that the most critical issues for Iowa voters are inflation, immigration, and Critical Race Theory.

She declared inflation to be skyrocketing due to the incredible size of the spending programs that Democrats have enacted and are continuing to propose. “We started sounding the alarm on this spending spigot months ago,” she stated. “Inflation is a tax on working families.”

Regarding immigration, Hinson noted the benefits being reaped by drug cartels and stated, “I represent Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It’s the biggest city in my district. The number of migrants illegally who crossed the border in June is more than 50,000 more people in just one month than the entire population of Cedar Rapids.”

Hinson also discussed how Iowa parents react to the Democratic push to bring Critical Race Theory to the nation’s schools. She said that she is not opposed to constructive conversations about the nation’s history but that Critical Race Theory is not the proper method.

In discussing how school districts should reflect the values of parents, she stated, “We need to be looking at solutions for our classrooms that respect parents’ wishes. Every parent that I’ve talked to believes critical race theory takes us in the wrong direction.”

Hinson expressed her belief that her constituents are most interested indirectly reflect on the failed priorities and programs the Democrats have been pushing for most vigorously in recent months.