RedBalloon CEO Offers An Alternative To The ‘Woke’ Workforce

“Go Woke, Go Broke,” turned out to be the mantra of 2022. Whether it be the mass layoffs seen at Victoria’s Secret and The Recount or the stripping of Disney’s special tax status in Florida, many leftist idealogues are paying a price for putting personal politics over their business.

Fortunately for all the American patriots out there, the days they are forced to seek employment at various corporations engaging in leftist activism are here no longer. Meet Andrew Crapuchettes, tech entrepreneur and founder of RedBalloon, a job board aimed at connecting like-minded businesses and Americans who want to work without having to compromise or censor their own beliefs regardless of how they differ from mainstream orthodoxy.

The CEO has a long history of work experience, previously building a tech company from the ground up, RedState reports. He soon made it a $50-million leader in the industry, only to later be fired by a Board of Directors who thought he was too conservative and too Christian.

Alas, there is no need to fret. Upon being faced with misfortune, a lightbulb lit for Crapuchettes.

As RedState reported in an exclusive interview:

“So, I was the CEO of a 50 million dollar tech company, about a year and a half ago. And my board decided I was too conservative a Christian for their liking,” he affirmed.

“So, I found myself delightfully unemployed, and thought, if this happened to me, I wonder if it is happening to others in the labor force, right?”

The outlet noted that many other Americans have faced similar circumstances given that “CEOs decided that a manufactured virus and a vaccine mandate was more important than actual lives and human capital.” It is very possible that many of the extreme delays seen at Southwest Airlines during the holidays are at least in part a consequence of policies that resulted in the firings of many who refused to be coerced into taking experimental gene therapy.

“You think how gut-wrenching it is when you think, ‘If I don’t compromise my values, I can’t feed my kids,’ right?” Crapuchettes continued during his exclusive interview with RedState.

“That’s what a lot of people went through, whether it was the vaccine mandates [or something else]. But there’s a lot of other situations in this Woke ideology in the workplace, where people have to either compromise their values or lose their job. And so, I thought, there’s got to be a better way. That’s why I created Redballoon work. It is a labor exchange for the freedom economy. Think of it as job matching making for conservatives.”

RedBalloon requires employees who utilize its job board to agree to an Employee Bill of Rights which essentially affirms Crapuchettes’ above remarks. The job board offers a myriad of positions, ranging from blue-collar work, white-collar work, and even executive-level positions.

Crapuchettes also spoke about his founding of RedBalloon in an interview with Americano Media: