Real Leaders Like Ron DeSantis Show Us The Way Out Of This Mess

It is a level of insanity Americans cannot abide by. When the state leaders, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, must work around federal decrees that harm citizens and even result in the death of people, we have a severe problem.

The Democrat Party, through the puppet president Joe Biden, is conducting assaults against DeSantis and conservative Republican governors. 

Biden does not have the authority to kill people on an unscientific whim, like Joseph Stalin and the Holodomor. When the Biden Administration attempts to ration Monoclonal Antibody treatments (MAB), they must have a better reason than political punishment against conservatives who stand up to unconstitutional mandates and fiats. 

The Biden HHS decided the number of treatments using antibodies like your body would naturally make in response to infection. The Biden HHS now limits states and regions. Supposedly this is to achieve an even handed distribution of treatments. 

Across the nation, states should get a predictable amount of MAB and COVID-19 infection cases, and recovery rates should predict the amount. Biden authorities said they want a fine dispersion to the states. However, what they did was cut off the treatment that Florida required. Inventory and supply for the other red states were also reduced. 

Christina Pushaw, Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, tweeted: “There is no evidence of a national shortage of monoclonal antibody treatment and no justification for the federal government to cut supplies to the states that need it most. Biden is playing politics as usual, and Americans are suffering because of it.” 

Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL) said this regulation was not because of any deficiency of the treatment. Florida was not ordering immunizations and evening allowing people to keep their jobs if they chose to live without vaccination. Biden hacks did not like how Florida pushed back on these unconstitutional mandates. A hardline stance against states like Florida was designed to keep them in line. Rubio said this was more about control than medical necessity. 

The White House should be condemned for squashing MAB. It has been underutilized. Given its adequacy, this treatment and other therapeutic approaches deserve to be front and center in policy prescriptions. 

DeSantis appears to have the guts and skill needed to defeat liberals. Difficulties put in his path only inspire more extraordinary leadership. He discovered alternate approaches to gain MAB. Even though the increasingly off-kilter and evil Biden Administration plans to restrict Florida, DeSantis said he would connect with Glaxo-Smith Kline to purchase the treatment straight from them. After completing this process, he facilitated the transfer of MAB. 

He also rebuked the Biden Administration to reduce the amount of Regeneron meant to ship to Florida. Florida received 3,000 dosages of sotrovimab, a MAB with far superior numbers than even Regeneron has received.

DeSantis has been one of the most vocal and adamant leaders who is not immobilized by fear of COVID-19. Instead, he is providing treatment and approving the use of medicines that can help the residents of Florida. Biden’s handlers and the staffers that have taken over the White House care more about governmental issues than they do about Americans who need assistance. DeSantis came through for Floridians to give them the treatment that is required. And he has shown the rest of the country the way forward.