Rail Workers Aren’t Happy With Biden’s Latest Proposal

Weeks ago, news emerged of rail workers planning to go on strike. These hardworking folks raised issues about their pay, namely an absence of sick leave that they believe should be in effect.

The impacts of rail workers going on strike would be catastrophic. For one thing, the transportation of in-demand goods would suffer significant delays and complications. This would also hammer the supply chain and lead to higher consumer costs.

Given all the issues America is facing today, these are the last problems the country needs. Unfortunately, a rail worker strike appears much more likely, seeing how Joe Biden botched a deal with rail unions.

A Clear Message From America’s Rail Workers
In the spirit of meeting rail workers’ needs, the White House offered a contract that covered wages and the conditions in which rail workers are expected to do their jobs. However, the contract was effectively denied by the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division (BMWED).

The union told the president ‘no deal’ because the contract failed to grant the requested paid days for sick leave. BMWED’s decision arrived after almost two-thirds of 12,000 rail workers said the contract from the Biden administration wasn’t good enough.

In light of this latest turn, rail workers may very well go on strike later next month if an agreement isn’t reached. The clock is ticking and how the Biden administration chooses to handle this will have nationwide ramifications.

Another Major Crisis Coming?
Since Biden’s time in the White House, one consistent theme of his presidency is a series of unfortunate events.

In 2021, Americans saw the demise of energy independence, the beginning of inflation, and a horrific withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

This year, these crises have only intensified and led to other issues, such as the current recession, an overwhelmed southern border, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Rail workers were previously and consistently upfront about their expectations of paid sick leave. Why the White House chose to present a contract without this critical stipulation remains a mystery.

As disastrous as a rail worker strike would be on its own, the negative impacts will be worsened by already low consumer confidence levels and various supply shortages.

Ironically, this is all happening under the president who repeatedly vowed to “build back better.”