‘Quite The Turnout’: Here’s Where Vice President Kamala Harris Was Today While The Border Was Being Overrun

According to Bill Melugin of the Fox Los Angeles Times, more than 11,000 illegal immigrants were jammed beneath the international bridge as of yesterday, and footage obtained from a boat in the Rio Grande showed a constant flow of migrants passing through to join that mass. Many people appear to recall Vice President Kamala Harris being assigned by President Joe Biden to the border “challenge,” even though she never arrived at the border, instead of traveling to Central America to study the “root causes” of migration to the United States.

Although Biden has gone to Delaware, the United States Vice President, Kamala Harris, paid a surprise visit to Audi Field today and presided over the coin toss between Howard University and Hampton University in preparation for the first-ever ‘Truth and Service Classic.’

People mock Kamala Harris for failing to perform any function of her job for the last eight months. One thousand seven hundred thirty-three miles from Del Rio, Texas, as well as the ensuing border crisis. That is the extent of her desire. For her, being at a football game is more important than figuring out what to do with over ten thousand people beneath a Texas bridge. Given her position as border czar and everything.

Thus, America faces a border crisis, out-of-control inflation, and disastrous employment numbers, but this is probably the extent of her talents and capacities as Vice President of the United States. She must be reminded that there is a border problem, which she was assigned to resolve as part of her job requirements. Additionally, she must identify her priorities and direct her attention to the most critical matters, which is considerably more important than attending a football game only to flip a coin.