Pushaw Calls Out Psaki for Crying Act on Florida Parental Rights Law

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is using the last few days of her time as a part of the Biden administration getting ready for unhinged performances before what is left of MSNBC’s audience. Psaki has been becoming emotionally unstable while reacting to state educational parental rights laws like the one recently passed in Florida preventing staff from discussing gender transitioning and sexual content with third graders.

Psaki appeared to begin crying while discussing the new Florida law on a recent episode of Jessica Yellin’s podcast, “News Not Noise.” She claimed that mainstream America does not support parental rights laws, calling them “harsh,” “cruel,” and part of Republican “political games.”

She said the Florida law is part of an “attempt to win a culture war” that uses a political wedge issue. She added through her tears that she was emotional because “it’s horrible” and the issue makes her “completely crazy.” Psaki went on to say that the law “bullies” kids and is an example of leaders intentionally hurting them and their families.

Her tears over what the radical left calls the “Don’t Say Gay” bill is a law that in reality simply says that classroom instruction from kindergarten through grade 3 may not address “sexual orientation or gender identity.” Otherwise, the law requires that any such instruction beyond grade 3 must be “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate” in compliance with other state educational standards.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Press Secretary Christina Pushaw addressed Psaki’s emotional response in a statement to Fox News. She noted that it is troubling that the spokesperson for the Biden administration would appear to break down over a law that protects the rights of parents. Pushaw noted that the “Don’t Say Gay” nametag is a lie and wondered why leftists feel it is so important that teachers provide instruction in grades K-3 about sexuality and transgender ideology.

Pushaw correctly noted that Psaki’s position is “not a reflection of where the country is.” She pointed out that even among likely voters in Democratic primaries, 52 percent are against the manner of teaching prohibited by the Florida bill.

She added that the country as a whole has grown tired of “woke liberal and radical thought” and is particularly tired of Democrats asserting more control than parents over the lives of kids.