Psaki Sidesteps Question On Backlash From Families Of Fallen Marines After Biden Meeting

On the 31st of August, Press secretary for the White house, Jen Psaki, conducted a meeting with the press after Biden’s presidential address. During this meeting, Psaki was questioned about Biden’s criticism for being contemptuous and rude towards the families of fallen Marines in their appointment over the weekend. She responded with a very diplomatic and almost dismissive answer.

Last weekend, President Joe Biden met with the families of Marines who received martyrdom in Afghanistan. The grieving families of these Marines received the remains of their loved ones at Dover Airforce Base, Delaware, this weekend, and after doing so, they were greeted by President Joe Biden. But many people criticized Biden’s behavior that day, as he appeared to be rushed and disrespectful towards these grieving families. For instance, the father of one deceased Marine shared that Biden’s speech and condolences sounded fraudulent and insincere, as if his words were scripted. Others shared that Biden had managed to talk a lot about his experience with the death of his son during this meeting instead of giving due importance to the grieving families. Some parents of the martyred Marines were hurt when Biden continued to go on about his own experience and believed that it was highly insensitive and selfish of him to do so. While others shared that they were furious as Biden showed no signs of remorse, as he failed to take responsibility for the fact that his actions had caused these parents to lose their children.

In light of this incident, Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s response to the criticism he had been receiving for his behavior with the families of the Marines, to which she dismissively responded, Biden himself had experienced the death of a child. She elaborated that Biden had been very respectful and thankful to the families of the martyrs for the contribution that their children had made to the U.S. She shared that Biden has had a similar experience, which is why he realizes that no words or actions can compensate for the void left behind for these grieving families. Psaki added that Biden was deeply impacted by meeting the family members of the fallen Marines, saying that he had frequently mentioned them over the past couple of days and that he felt incredibly thankful to these martyrs and their families. But we are still waiting for an official statement from Biden regarding the criticism he is receiving for his actions.