Protests Are Growing In China Over Communist Lockdowns

Have the Chinese people finally decided they have faced enough of the Communist Party’s wrath? Protests have erupted throughout the People’s Republic due to continued draconian Covid-19 lockdown policies.

Dozens of cities throughout the nation have gone into stringent lockdowns that are impacting millions, reports the Daily Wire.

Recent demonstrations have culminated in violent clashes between authorities and thousands of iPhone factory workers, citizens breaking out of shut-down buildings, and anger online for an infant who tragically passed away after the country’s lockdowns prevented her father from getting access to medical services, per the New York Times.

The report claimed that the level of backlash the Chinese government now faces is unprecedented.

China reported a new record-high in Covid-19 infections Friday at over 32,000 new cases.

“China might have already passed the point of no return, as it’s unlikely to achieve zero Covid again without another Shanghai-style hard lockdown,” said Macquarie’s Chief China Economist Larry Hu. “What policymakers could do now is to slow the spread of the virus — i.e. flatten the curve — by tightening the Covid controls for the time being.”

While the nation’s reported numbers are the highest seen since the start of the WHO-declared pandemic in March of 2020, it is important for the reader to be aware that the Chinese have routinely been accused of lying about case and death counts from the very beginning.

In short, the current figures may prove unreliable.

“What we’re witnessing at Foxconn is the bankruptcy of ‘the China model,’” Beijing political analyst Wu Qiang explained in reference to the iPhone-producing manufacturing plant. “It’s the collapse of China’s image as a production powerhouse, as well as China’s relationship to globalization.”

China Labor Watch executive director Li Qiang also commented on the matter, arguing, “If the government continues with its zero-Covid policy, Foxconn would only be the beginning. There is Foxconn today, but other factories will face similar situations.”

Foxconn reportedly claimed that slowdowns in their operations were due to a “technical error” and gave employees who want to leave their jobs an offer of $1,400 along with free rides to their homes.